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    RECRUITMENT----> Hi :)


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     RECRUITMENT----> Hi :) Empty RECRUITMENT----> Hi :)

    Post  Micomaradona on Sat Jan 14, 2012 2:13 am


    2.I played Interlude, then Freya and Hi5, and on all i've used Gladiator(Duelist) but on this im using tyr because gladi is to expensive Smile)..

    3.I haven't been in any clann on Aria.Smile

    4.about 6-7 h Smile think that should be fine Surprised

    5.I started this week, and no i have 2 more chars but on Core, but dont play because of server heavy population(two chars were tyr-73 and ol-69) Smile

    6.Well, i just wanna have good game, hope we will help each other to develop faster Smile.Dont't knwo why u need me Smile, maybe u need one TYR in clan Smile), but i'm surre we are going to have good time Smile)
    Thanks for listening Very Happy

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    Post  HELL-7S on Sat Jan 14, 2012 7:56 am

    At the moment all spots in clan are full except a few which are kept for tanks. But we'll keep in mind and if we free up in near future i'll pm yu so we can talk more.

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     RECRUITMENT----> Hi :) Empty Re: RECRUITMENT----> Hi :)

    Post  xutapnetap on Wed Jan 18, 2012 4:32 am

    Hi there....
    1. age 33 from Bulgaria , name Alexandar / Alex /
    2. Played from C3 diffrend char's , but from Kamael i played Dwarf Power Smile/spoiler/ The last server when i played was Asterios.I still have my spoiler xuTapneTap/80lvl/ and Sph BuHeTy /82/ Smile
    3. No clan befor on this server.We are 7 friends from Bulgaria and played like const party.
    4. I play about 5-7h on day/night/ , weekends.... all day Smile
    5. Start 2-3 weeks ago, with only 1 char on Aria.I have no other chars.
    6. I think u need me , bcz i'm a spoiler and all of you need sop Very Happy /joke/ I have no idea, but the spoilers are important i think :)I just whant to play with my friends and you.....

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