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    Post  Daggle on Wed Apr 25, 2012 8:03 am

    Maxie/Tyrr Warrior 89


    2. Open Beta NA servers years ago.Was DA into 60s. Tank in L2, WOW , Rift
    came back f2p. wanted to be DD for a change. I like it.

    3.In Helheim now.

    4. I play minimum 8 hours a day unless real life stops me for shopping etc.

    5.About 2 months ago. I have a 56 buffer.

    6. I pan to get to 99.I want to be in a clan that is organized in PVP and PVE parties. Also want to make friends as I level and enjoy the game. I dont know if you need me, but you can count on me as needed for PVE and PVP parties. I will be there. I wish to be in Main Clan if you
    except me. TY for your time.

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