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    c4rlit0 lf clan


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    c4rlit0 lf clan Empty c4rlit0 lf clan

    Post  c4rlit0 on Thu May 08, 2014 9:59 pm

    1. Age/Nationality.36 dutch

    2. Previous past experience with lineage2. Servers you played on (the rates of the servers, chronicles etc.), play from c1 dragon x15 and after that core
    3. Previous clans that you were in on ARIA (this server).7sins redguard

    4. Average time of play per day. Do you have a job/collage etc.verry busy job midweeks 1-3 hours a day weekend 4-6 hours

    5. When did you start your character on this server? Is this your only one?i am dagger/iss 99/99/80/80 yes like to focus on 1 char instead of lagg on experience on mine char when i play whit to many other around,mine main will be iss i like to play it.

    6. What do you plan to achieve in this game? What's your expectation from 7Sins? Why do you think we need you, and what are you planning to receive in exchange?

    causal player,play for fun,what i expect from u guys is the same respect that i give to u.and a fair system for share drops of epic bosses etc i was in Rg 8 month long and there system is only for hardcore players since i am casual >medium player that is there always for his clan members.i am 99/99 so i don't have to grind i can focus on the thinks the clan thinks i must do where we all agree on.

    nothing els to say :d When u wanna know something be free to ask,i will surf in mine lunchbrake daily to some forums



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